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-Estimating Economic Potential


A Diameter Limit Cut (DLC) harvest can severely limit the future economic potential of a forest.  Because this common harvesting technique generally strips the forest of its most healthy and economically valuable trees, the potential of bountiful harvests in the future is reduced.  However, some private forest owners are presented with offers that appear too good to pass up.  Others overlook or are unaware of possible negative effects of a DLC harvest.   Decisions made under these circumstances are not always optimal, but they do reinforce the point that economics play a major role in the decision of when to harvest a forest.

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Activity Description:

Students use measurement skills and learn how to use an increment tree borer to determine the current value of a tree and then compare the value of that tree in the future using estimated merchantable volume. Students will understand the value added to a more mature forest and recognize that a DLC harvest is not usually the best long-term management option.

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